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What is BioZome?

We are 100% ORGANIC. (USDA/NOP).
We are not a fertilizer, pesticide, or GMO.

BioZome is a highly concentrated blend of beneficial natural microorganisms put together by Dr. Carl Oppenheimer after 40 years of research. BioZome has been proven to triple the growth rate, decrease seed germination time by 2/3, reduce transplant shock, produce more blooms and increase crop yield. Plants grown with BioZome exhibit healthier roots and increased disease and pest resistance. The microorganisms are primitive "Archaea" collected from salt pans, hot springs, and volcanic regions all over the world. They are hardy and capable of living in a wide range of environmental conditions. Also, due to their primitive nature they coalesce to work as a team, yielding a high efficiency ratio in the soil.

BioZome is necessary to breakdown the trace element organic compounds. These compounds are needed to initiate and maintain all plant and animal immune systems. Healthy plants and soils use less water, nutrients, and still produce more.

BioZome can be used for houseplants, home gardens, lawns, bushes, trees and flowers. BioZome is a great compost starter, can be used in septic tanks, and for small oil cleanups.

Because of BioZome’s oil eating capabilities it can clean your soils from a wide variety of toxins. Government testing has proven the following list of the worst toxins (the Dirty Dozen) have been cleaned using these microbes. This includes Aldrin, Chlordane, Dieldrin, DDT, Endrin, Heptachlor, Mirex, Toxaphene, PCB’s, Hexachlorobenzene, Dioxins and Furans. (source: United Nations Enviromental program.    

The archaea are found in BioZome.

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